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ASCK Mission Statement

We are scholars working in the United States and other countries who join together out of concern about current US policies toward the Korean peninsula.

We believe that current problems on the Korean peninsula and between the US and the two Koreas, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea, can only be solved through dialogue, cooperation, and the active pursuit of peace. We feel the responsibility to speak out against policies that increase tensions in Northeast Asia and may lead to another catastrophic war in Korea. We wish to add our voices to a constructive discussion on how to achieve a peaceful, unified Korea existing in harmony with its neighbors, including the United States.

The Alliance of Scholars Concerned about Korea (ASCK) is dedicated to the promotion of mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of Korea, both North and South. The goals and activities of ASCK include:

1. Helping scholars, students, policy-makers and the general public learn about Korea, both North (DPRK) and South (ROK), through accurate, historically informed analyses;

2. Contributing to the constructive and peaceful development of US-ROK and US-DPRK relations;

3. Facilitating the exchange of scholars and students between the US and the DPRK.

We realize that this is a critical moment in US-Korean relations. Our organization is committed to promoting a US policy toward Korea that is informed, humane, and in everyone's mutual interest.

ASCK History

The Alliance of Scholars Concerned about Korea (ASCK) was founded at a meeting at Columbia University on March 29, 2003.